Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 74 Monday, May 25, 2020

Today you are going to be very proud of me. I was super productive all day long. I finally got the battery in my car. A tow truck came to help me start the car, and the tow truck driver tells me as soon as he finishes, From here, straight to the shop, no stopping to have a few beers!” It was 10 in the morning, and I thought to myself, “I must have a party face, hahahaha.” And I told him: “Wow, you’re ruining my plan! I was just going to get a couple of beers to start my day.” Anyway, I behaved well and went directly to my trusted mechanic shop, the owner asked me, “How is your refrigerator?”, and I said, “Do you read my Chronicles?” and she said, “Yes”, hahaha. I tell you that when I write, I do it for myself, as if it were a personal diary. And when someone mentions something, I’ve written to me, my first reaction is to think, “They’ve read my diary”, hahahaha. Anyway…

Yesterday I forgot to show you this photo of our frozen yogurt. When we thought the refrigerator had died, the freezer was still working fine, so we put all the food we could there so it wouldn’t spoil (yogurts, ice cream, butter, cheese, etc.). Now little by little we are defrosting those things, the yogurts are very delicious frozen, hahahahahaha… The ice creams, not so much, and the butter, maybe no…

Well, I also want to tell you that today I had to go to the health center because I lost my mother’s health card, and I needed it to pick up her medicines. I arrived at the health center and there was a long line of people, all five feet away from each other, with their masks on. Everyone was waiting their turn; one of the nurses came out and started organizing the lines. Suddenly, I heard her say, “We have closed the website and you can only make appointments by phone, you can’t make them in here, so if you are waiting to make an appointment, it won’t be possible, you have to call.” And one of those present exclaimed, “I’VE BEEN CALLING FOR 2 DAYS AND NO ONE PICKS UP THE PHONE!” and another person said, “The same thing happens to me,” and another took off his mask and said, “This is a shame, I’m going in.” The nurse responded: “Sir, please put on your mask and start calling on the phone, you can´t come in” at this point a security guard came out and started dismissing the poor misunderstood people who were trying to make an appointment. Anyway, when it was my turn, they told me that they couldn’t make me a new card (I don’t understand why), but thank goodness they gave me the SIP number and told me to call to make an appointment. And I thought… well, if I have to call, according to what people have said, it might be a while..

Bitmoji ImageThen I went grocery shopping (seems like that is all I f****g do). I don’t know if it has happened to you that, you go in to a grocery store and they give you plastic gloves and you try to open the plastic bags to put fruit of vegetables in with the gloves but it doesn´t actually work because the gloves and plastic are just not a very good combination.We were all there like fools, trying to open the bags, we looked at each other, but no one dared to say anything. Until I saw a worker, a young boy, who was wearing rubber gloves, and I said to him, “You, yes you, come here, please open these bags for me,” and he started to open the bags. And I said, “Who needs their bags opened?” and everyone started saying, “Me,” “me,” “me,” “me.” And I said, “Okay, everyone in line while this nice young man opens your bags, hahahahaha. And a woman said, “Thank you so much, Miss” Miss!! (love this woman).

At this point, I must say that when I got home I was a little saturated, hot, hungry, and I had to start making food, cleaning up the kitchen, remote work, start to prepare my costumes and doing my things for the blog… But as always, the time of day I look forward to the most arrives.

Today was an interview with my friend Fabián López from ecommaster and turronesydulces as always, it was a pleasure to chat with him.

And nothing, between that and Fabian´s web advice to all of you, my day was over.

Daily reflection: In reality there are no problems, every problem has a solution. Some of the solutions may be what we consider the problem, since they may not work for us, but there are always solutions for everything. Therefore, we must forget about the problems, we must start embracing the different solutions and we must…


“Live f***ing life to the fullest.”