Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 55 Wednesday, May 6, 2020

You’re going to love my new set, taking advantage of today’s interview talking with Loles and Begoña about theater hahahaha… I think I’m going crazy, and the guests get a little scared every time they connect. I love seeing their faces when they see me, hahahaha, they are like WTF. I have always said it and I will continue to say it, I am very grateful to everyone who has gone been on my program, for their generosity, their words about me and their time.

Here is the interview with Loles Moreno and Begoña Tenés, we had a great time! Let’s see if I sign up for some theater class. Hahahaha, better not…

As always, I try to dress up according to the theme, and on this occasion, although I had many ideas (and many of you gave me ideas), I did not have all the necessary material to do what I wanted. I opted for the red backdrop (a red blanket). You don’t know what I had to do to try to hang it somewhere… In the end, I stuck one part to the wall and the other to the glass as good as I could. A disaster… I don´t even want to see the interview because I´m so embarrassed. Sorry… If I’m going to continue with this interview thing, I’m going to have to invest in some props, lighting, costumes, makeup, microphone… ummmm, better not, it is what it is. If anyone wants to donate something, I’d be happy…

Bitmoji ImageWhat a great time I had yesterday with my mother celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Today she already asked me what we are going to celebrate… hahahaha (she forgets everything, but when I do things out of the ordinary, she remembers those, it’s very interesting). And I think the Gremlin yesterday felt a little envious when she saw us, and today she tells me: ‘Mom, why don´t we all making a video together, chatting and drinking cocktails. Hahahaha, and I reply, ‘Very good idea, daughter, but you’re 16 years old and I don’t want social services to come after me yet. All I need now to be arrested for getting a grandmother and a teenager drunk… I think NOT…

And no one has scolded me today or asked me if I moved my ass… Very bad, I asked you to please pay attention to my physical health and make sure I exercised. If tomorrow in my chronicle I don’t put a photo or video of me exercising, please scold me…

Phase 0 is going very well for now… From 6 to 10 eventhought we can go out, no one does, but from 8pm to 11pm it seems everyone is eager to get out and about. My son is the first one who likes to go for nightly walks. Today it was already 11:15p.m. and he had not gotten home yet, I was nervous and started to call him and I left him a message saying: “They are going to fine me., get your ass home” And then 5 seconds later, I remembered… Oh my God! He is 18 years old, they will fine him… Well, nothing, Nuria you have nothing to worry about, hahahahahaha.

I don’t have much more to tell you today. I’m trying to catch up on everything so I can relax a little and, at the same time, give more strength to this project that I’ve started and, now that it’s starting to roll, I don´want it to get away from me.


Daily reflection: Today was one of those days when I questioned people’s behavior. I try not to judge; In fact, I follow Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, one of the first books I bought in 1994, right when it was published, and which has been on my nightstand until today.

 The laws are simple:

 Law of pure potentiality (non-judgment).
Law of giving.
Law of karma.
Law of least effort.
Law of intention of desire.
Law of detachment.
Law of dharma.

 The first law talks about practicing meditation and not judging, something that may seem very simple, but in our daily lives we judge everything and everyone without meaning. We must learn to accept each situation and each person, and understand that the behaviors of others should not affect us, since what they make us feel has nothing to do with their behaviors, but with our interpretation of those behaviors.

 Well, that is just a summary, you are probably thinking what a pain in the ass this Nuria is, always giving us spiritual advice and she can’t even get shit together, forget everything, hahahaha, do what you want. I just wanted to say that there are people who sometimes touch buttons that would be better off in OFF mode… That’s it; I’ll leave it at that…


“Please practice at least one law a day; the universe will thank you.”