Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 42 Thursday, April 23, 2020

How quickly the days and weeks go by, here at my household to each his own, the saga continuous. Me with my crazy things and my interviews, I hope you like them, the Gremlins in their space, so far so good no interaction with each other, my mother trying to figure out what day it is and the dog just laying around thinking we are all nuts I´m sure.

Today I had an interview with my glamorous friend Clara Courel, who gave us great advice; we had a great time. I always have something to tell you about the live shows, since they don’t always go as expected. Today, really, the conversation with my friend Clara flowed smoothly and fun. The only thing I was worried about was that the connection would be cut off, as she told me: “My cell phone has poor low battery, but I only have one plug and I need to plug in the light, so it’s better to have light than the phone.” Glamor above all!

Today three topics came together for me: Book Day, Fashion and Santa Faz (a community festival in San Juan, Alicante).

Let’s do this in parts:

Book day

I love reading, but I must admit that with all the hustle and bustle of this blog, the videos, working from home, Gremlins, ballet classes, workshops and virtual beers with neighborfriends, I don’t have time for anything. But I really want to read a good book. So here I leave you homework, please recommend a good book.

Fashion and beauty

Today it was our dear dog’s bath time, and the poor thing didn’t enjoy it very much. Apparently, one of the Gremlins bathed her and left her in the balcony to dry in the sun. I was working from home (one of those days!) and I didn’t even realize she was behind me.

Suddenly, I had this feeling like someone was watching me, you know what I mean? I turned around and found the poor dog shaking, with an expression of “What have they done to me?” Waiting for me to realize her situation.

So, I asked my daughter (the most offensive Gremlin) to please cut her hair a little and make her pretty. I’ll just tell you that when I finished the interview with Clara and went to the bathroom, I found a mountain of hair and I couldn’t find the dog. I yelled at my daughter, “Where is the dog and what have you done to her?” Suddenly, I heard the little dog’s footsteps (tick, tock, tick, tock, I don’t know how to describe the sound in words, leave me alone!!). Well, the poor thing had been butchered a bit. So I decided to add a touch of glamor to her look with hair accessories and a necklace. I think she’s happy with the result… Either that or she’s cursing our family, who knows.

Santa Faz

Although I am not very religious, I understand that this day is special for many and it is a shame that it could not be celebrated in the usual way. I think the year 2020 will be like a leap year that we will skip completely. We haven’t celebrated the holidays like we have wanted to, birthdays haven’t been the same, high school seniors have lost their most anticipated year, athletes who have worked hard for years to compete in the Olympic Games will have to wait a little longer. But everything will come and we will adapt to a new reality, “We won’t take things for granted”

Daily reflection: Today, I want to share the message that my father sent me last night. He thinks what I’m doing with this blog and my interviews is something I’m very good at and wanted to encourage me.

 Dear Nuria:

 I share this anecdote with you so that you wake up with a renewed spirit to fight for what you do:

 Once upon a time, there was a boy who asked his stepfather to lend him his garage and some money to start a business. The stepfather agreed, but asked him if he was sure what he was doing. The boy responded that he was 100% sure. After making some improvements, he started his business. In the first week, he sold two items, and in the next week, three.

 At this time, the father called his son and said, “Son, it seems that this is not going well, it is not enough to build your future, right?” The boy replied, “Father, I have faith that one day this will prosper. I know there are people willing to buy online, so I will continue.” The father told him: “Go ahead, son, I support you.” Over time, the business grew and today he has a lucrative small business that makes him and his father proud.

 By the way, the business is called “Amazon”, and the person’s name is Jeff Bezos.

 This is true and shows that when you have faith in yourself, there are no limits.



“I believe in myself and I am in good hands.”