Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 40 Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I’m still on a cloud 9! This interview thing is engaging, and now I spend the day thinking about the different interview topics I can do. I will keep you informed because next week promises to be intense, and I have been proposed other very interesting things that I will have to coordinate. But, today I bring a new installment with my friend Sara Mariner, I hope you enjoy it.

Live shows always have their tension, and although you see us on camera so relaxed, many things are happening in the background. We try to stay calm and not let anyone notice that sometimes we are in a state of panic. In my case, my head was exploding because of that turban I was wearing (I’m sure you’ve noticed that in all the videos I have something on my head, you can imagine why, no more needs to be said).

I could also hear my son and my mother, and I was thinking, “These two are going to walk in any minute” (even though I put up a huge piece of paper that stated, “DO NOT ENTER”). On the other hand, Sara, who had prepared everything on her iPad with a link I provided, had to switch at the last minute and use her cell phone for the live broadcast. Did you notice anything? No? That is what mindfulness achieves and the fact that we are soo professional.

Yesterday I told you, how excited I get when I find something new to do. However, little by little, that excitement slowly fades away, like when I try to cook and at first, I’m excited, but in the end, it all goes wrong. The ecosystem discovery I mentioned yesterday, sometimes seems not to work, as it should. Today I had to scold the Gremlins because they left the kitchen CLEAN. I told them: “This cannot be! I will not tolerate it. We must maintain the ecosystem. You have to cooperate. Dirt and disorder are top priority in this house. I want to see more dirty cups, glasses and plates, I want to see clothes in the floor, I need to see that you are trying hard.”

*note reads “I found a glass of beer in the refrigerator, we have to be more careful. Isa (signed at 5 am).

 Anyway, people, I am very disappointed. Oh, and this morning I found a note from my daughter (apparently written at 5am) scolding me.

Daily reflection: I love surprises because it is difficult to surprise me. I have this gift of almost always knowing what is going to happen, and even if I don’t know it, when things happen that should be surprises, they don’t surprise me because at some point I had already thought, imagined or dreamed about it. I wonder… Will my dear followers be able to surprise me during this lockdown?


“Surprise me and yourself by doing something unexpected.”