Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 21 Thursday, April 2, 2020

The end is almost here! Hahahahahahaha, I’m sorry, but hahahahahahahaha, I think I’m slowly going crazier than I already was (and that’s saying something). I talk to myself, more or less the same, I say things like “Nuria, you’re handling this lockdown very well, I’m very proud of you,” and then I ask myself, “When are you going to try cooking again?” Speaking of culinary topics… I won’t say anything more.

I’ve said it, I won’t say more… shhhh, don’t say anything and don’t leave me comments like “Don’t throw in the towel”, “It’s just a matter of practice”, or There are super simple recipes” (please stop sending me “simple” recipes) I don’t want them). F**k everyone, leave me alone… “The chefs” (they know very well who they are), need to understand that when you CAN’T, you CAN’T. Hahahahahahahaha, I feel better now… neighborfriend (you know who I mean), this is for us!

Leaving aside one of the things I’m terrible at, let me talk about something I’m a little better at: ballet. I must tell you that this week I got hooked on live ballet classes with my former teacher, who now lives in Italy. The classes are on Zoom and they are great. The only thing that the first time I logged in, I was all dressed up with my leotard, ballet shoes and bun in my hair. Instead of turning on the camera so the teacher could see me and muting the audio so nothing could be heard, I did the opposite (as always, lol). Anyway, the class is in Italian, and you know me, I can’t keep quiet. I started commenting things about the class and what the teacher was saying with my mother, who was looking at me and saying, You’re doing it great” and “That’s so hard,” while I was saying: “What the hell is ‘destra’? And ‘sinistra’? I don’t understand anything!” “What does she want us to do? Is she crazy?”

After the fourth comment, my teacher told me: “NURIA, TURN OFF THE SOUND ON YOUR COMPUTER!” (Fortunately, she is the only who understands Spanish). At the end of class, my teacher said, “Nuria, turn on your camera so they can see you.” Hahaha, and there I appeared, all sweaty and a mess, and all the perfect Italian dancers told me, “Ciao”, “Piacere di conoscerti”. Awesome, now I have Italian friends.

I have received millions of memes that continue to circulate daily, but one in particular caught my attention because it represents what I think my kids do in the kitchen every day (I edited the photo with my kids’ faces to make it more believable, my apologies to designers, no I don´t have Photoshop).

And speaking of hungry children, I had to risk my life and go shopping AGAIN... The photo above is VERY close to reality. This time I decided to go to Consum (a friend’s suggestion). Nothing… more of the same thing that I told you about last time, a huge line of about 10-15 people, all one and a half meters away (I was a little worried, thinking: “Am I exactly a meter and a half away? Am I too far away?” Too close? My nose is itchy!”). Like I said, more of the same… I think I shopped for at least the next 3 months. The cashier (a young girl) looked at me as if thinking, “This woman is crazy.” I stared at her and said, “I have 2 Gremlins, 1 dog, and a grandma at home.” End of the look. Of course, paying with your cell phone… GREAT… trying to access the bank app to pay using your fingerprint, but with gloves on… BAD…

Today I want to give a special mention to all those friends and acquaintances who are producing material such as masks, donating their time to shop for the elderly, donating to organizations, donating their time to help others or performing free performances to bring joy to many. Thank you for being who you are, you have always been like this, nothing has changed.

Daily reflection: The pleasure of the simplest things has always been what has given me the most joy. I have never needed much, and those who know me know that I go with the flow. I am very chill. As long as I don’t hurt anyone, or you don´t hurt anyone, all is good. I think that’s why this entire situation is like, “Oh, okay, whatever…  I’m in.”


“Simple pleasure with you by my side.”