Coronavirus Coexistence DAY 49 Thursday, April 30, 2020

Well, day 4 of “Overcome your fears” is over... I was a little nervous about today’s interview and to talk to Isra García about fears, how scary! Hahahahaha, nooo… yessss, well, a little. I don’t like fear, I’m afraid of fear, that’s why I invented this program. Hahaha. Many thanks to Isra for his time and his words…

I’ll tell you things about the show… something got in my eye and I couldn’t get it out, I tried to blink, then I thought, no, don’t blink so much, I started touching my eye to see if I could get whatever it was out, and nothing, and I was thinking… Don’t touch yourself… don’t touch yourself… And another moment I saw on the camera behind me the hand of one of the Gremlins passing me a note !!!!! Isra says… “I think they gave you a note in a bottle, take it, I’ll keep talking”, and I’m thinking… no way, if I get up my ass is going to be seen or something is going to happen, I decided to stay put… Hahahaha.

On the other hand, today the scary Gremlin came out of her coronacave, like when bears hibernate and finally wake up, well something like that… First, she came out and said to me… “Mom, do you want to see something I’ve been doing?” and I answer… “Yes, of course”, and she said, “You have to come to my room.” That’s when I started to panic a little, remember what happened to me last time? If you don’t remember, you will have to read all the chronicles until you find that chapter. Ha ha ha. Well I said… “Okay… I’ll go” (panicked voice).

And nothing, she showed me her Minecraft house… super nice… so if you need an architect for your next house, know that I have a Gremlin that can give you a hand hahaha… I think I told you that she has decided to opt for the arts High School, she is thinking about doing some type audiovisual communication mayor (let’s see if it’s true and she helps me by editing f***g videos).

I also need to tell you that a couple of hours later she came out again and said to me… “Shall we make cookies?” and I answered… Of course, I love making cookies.”

We started recording a video making the damn cookies at 10 at night, and now it’s almost midnight I´m exhausted.  I will post the video tomorrow …I’m falling asleep writing all this.

Finally, I must say that the de-escalation phases are so hard to understand that you need a freaking Master’s degree. I think it says something like that; I can go for a walk between 6 and 10 in the morning starting on Saturday… (My two favorite things, walks and getting up early). I quickly called my neighborfriends and told them we should take advantage and meet (2 meters away) at 6:00 am in my porch to see the sunrise… I have investigated and the sun will rise at 7:03 on Saturday, the 2nd May 2020 (CEST).

Their answers where “Are you joking?” and “I already made plans to do the same with my husband” another said, “if they catch us they will fine us” and the other simply ignored me.

Either way, we are all very confused, it seems like a joke, Phase 0, Phase 1, you have to be certain age to go out or it depends where you live, if you are a child and adult Helppppp. In addition to the fear of the virus, now they want to drive us crazy… You know what I say just… STAY AT HOME… (Just in case).

Daily reflection: I have almost eliminated all my fears; all that remains is to sing tomorrow. I’ll will have to remember some parts of my conversation with Isra he said…First, instead of challenging people to do what you want, (I feel bad for being so hard on all of you), it is better to be an example for them to follow (I hope to be able to do that). Second, to face all my shit with courage and dignity. That’s what I’ll do.


“Fear disguises itself as many things; don’t let it hide.”