To reveal my soul to you would leave me naked and alone. How dare you ask to strip my soul, it´s not enough I gave my life. I see your point and I want to share your view, seems fair but now to near to be all alone of thoughts and dreams that do not dare. 
To see your face or speak your name, so soon I swore. Not for too long we´ve seen the scare. Don’t ask too much don’t really care I know your soul don´t need it now, wait not too long and fish me there. I stand alone and in your path bring me the key and I´ll take you there.
Continue on that dream of yours, be selfish with your mind, your money I forgive, my pleasure I do give. I stopped you on your way and made you take a look. The way you carried on I knew it was the truth. I´m sorry for the right, the right to let you go I couldn´t let you down so on your way are you. l Forgive you for my love, too bad you had to know it´s better to be blind to be blind is better to be none.