It doesn´t matter what the time is, does it matter what the time brings? Do we care what the night offers or how the day begins? So to be asked am I in love is a sort of embarrasing proposition that is personal to only me and my better half who does not wander of the time I bring.

So again, I offer, what matters then the questions of them? Do they know the answers well? Do they care which way the story goes?  No further than the truth I seek and seek the truth I shall. For love is love with questions too but not with love alone.

I´ve thought about the past and haven´t wondered why, excuses I have made, come clear today and    now. Surprised by my misday I´m happy for today. Forgotten words were used before my hurry day. No matter when, no matter how, I love in the same way, no matter who, no matter how, my love is still the same.

Who is to ask shall think again, for love is truth and love is wise, to both I live to love again.