Fragmentos de Nuricoco part 24

Fragmentos de Nuricoco part 24

Since this question is about how I learned how to speak English, I thought it proper to write this post in English. Most of my Spanish readers I think speak English and if not.. well, we all know what I´m going to say.. f**em .. hahahaha.. It´s a bit strange writing in English in this blog since I have spent most of this year writing in Spanish, but now and then I will keep everyone on their toes and write in the language that «me sale del c***» (sorry that had to be in Spanish).. And with that said I will explain for those who don´t know, why I speak English so well.. Ready, set… Let´s F*** Go..

If you have been keeping up with my posts, and you should be (and if not start catching up) you then know that I was born in Madrid and and moved around a lot as a child. My father was born in Cuba but his dad, my grandfather was from Asturias, when the Castro Cuban revolution started my grandparents sent my father to Asturias with his aunts (my grandfather´s sisters) when he was just 18 years old.. He lived with them for some time and years later met my mother in Madrid (or was it Malaga?? umm I should ask them that.. not f*** sure). Anyway, they met, got married, blah, blah, blah I was born and a year later my brother.. We lived in Madrid, Valencia and Malaga and when I was 10 years old my father´s parents finally where able to scape Cuba and my grandfather didn´t want to come back to Asturias (Again, not sure why, f** have a lot of questions all of a sudden) so they decided to move to New Jersey, where many of the Cuban immigrants were headed. My grandfather convinced my father that the United States was a better place to live in than Spain (I guess back in the 1970´s it was???) and we moved to New Jersey in the Summer of 77.

My father, mother, brother and I arrived in New Jersey not speaking English, with just literally the clothes of our backs.. we were received by other Cuban family’s who had already been living in the states for a while and offered help giving us clothing and toys for us. School was to start in September and my brother and I spoke no English, so my dad sat us down in front of the TV all day long and said you just watch and learn. And learn we did.. We watched Sesame Street, Mister Rogers’s Neighborhood, the Jetsons, the Flintstones, Tom & Jerry and others.. By the time we started school we were able to adapt perfectly, we had one hour of what they called ESOL classes (English to Speakers of Other Languages) and by the end of 1977 my brother and I spoke perfect English.. And there was no going back. At home we were only allowed to speak Spanish (Thank God or I would not be bilingual now, and is what I do at home with my kids now, but backwards).

For my parents, specially for my mother it was a bit harder but in the end we lived 2 years in New Jersey then moved to Miami where there was (and there is) a huge Latin community so no real need to speak English. Growing up I spoke English with my friends (well, really Spanglish) and Spanish at home. In high school I would always skip Spanish class.. In one of my report cards the Spanish teacher wrote.. «Nuria never excuses herself when she skips my class» lol hahahahahahaaa…. Poor lady, I was a teenager and just thought I didn´t need Spanish classes (now I wish I would have stayed in class maybe I wouldn´t have that many grammatical errors).

And there you have it lady’s and gentleman, I hope that is clear and I hope my Spanish friends are able to understand this.. I´m sure I will get complains once I publish… Pero, es lo que hay.. Like it or leave it people….Adios.



¿Como aprendiste hablar ingles tan bien?

Para los que no me conocéis muy bien os cuento que nací en Madrid pero a los 10 años me fui con mis padres y hermano a vivir a EE.UU. y viví allí mas de 25 años.. me defiendo jajajajaaa



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