You are my missing link
The one I have been searching for
Lifetimes of looking deep into everyones eyes
To see if I recognized you
Years, centuries passing by me with that empty feeling
That feeling of not being complete
The feeling of loneliness
Of despair,
Of nothingness
A darkness of the soul
A commitment we once made..

Your link is my only salvation
The only thing that will awaken me from this coma of feelings
I will keep searching for you in every life
And with each time we meet I will offer you
That same love
That same passion
That same part of me
That lives dragging the chains that are loose
Until your link ties them together
Until then I continue my journey into the underworld
For I cannot bear to know you are actually in this lifetime with me
Not recognizing me…..
Or even worse recognizing me but choosing to end the cycle..

For R.